Why the U.S.?

  1. I’m a citizen by birth. Mum is a US citizen, so I am entitled to inherit citizenship from her.
  2. The United States is part of my identity, and I feel the desire to cultivate it by spending a long time there.
  3. I’m in my twenties, young, healthy, unattached, have few responsibilities in life. Now is the perfect time to travel and go on an adventure.
  4. I have loving family there, who can help support me initially (and in times of need).
  5. I want a clean break, a fresh start, a chance to create a new life for myself. It’s not that Australia is a terrible place, it’s just that I’ve been going through the motions here. My life isn’t challenging me enough right now.

I get nods of understanding and encouragement when I tell people any of my reasons. I think it’s a well known narrative: twenty-somethings exploring the world, and never coming home.


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