The Final Countdown

Day – 4
7th December

My Bon Voyage drinks was a great night out, I think everyone had fun. The American style bar I found was a hit. Upstairs had a Mexican saloon theme, complete with a ceiling made of sombreros and individual hammock chairs. Afterwards, a few of us went out dancing and lounging at Bimbo’s Deluxe (not quite what it sounds like). I had a lift home, but we managed to forget where we parked the car, and spent twenty minutes searching for it in the narrow backstreets of Fitzroy.

Day -3
8th December

I spent all day with the car guys. We had a recovery breakfast, and then played Gran Turismo 6 until late into the evening. I came home and finished an episode of QI. I’ve been learning incredibly curious things watching. For example, the mind blowing fact that adding the digits of any multiple of nine (down to a single digit) will always be 9. Watching Stephen Fry wield his intelligence has distracted me from thoughts of leaving forever.

Day -2

9th December

I became super productive in packing my suitcase. On the way to lunch, my car broke down. I safely pulled over and checked the levels, in case it was something simple. The insurance company gave me a free diagnosis and free tow home. It’s just a cam belt, and it’s a straight forward fix. I also learned the difference between interference and non-interference engines. It’s the difference between a catastrophic engine failure (read write off) and a quick fix. Luckily, I have the latter. I don’t need the car for the next one and half days, so the repair can wait.

Day -1
1oth December (Later today)

It’s my final complete day in Australia. It’s going to be crazy busy. I’m cleaning the house, finishing packing, seeing friends, and handing everything over to our house sitter.


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