It’s 4 am and I am wide awake. Trying my best to make a quick adjustment to local time. The temperature is in the single digits, and everyone is talking about how cold it is. I’m not complaining, this is near enough to where I’ve chosen to live, so I better get used to it. I actually like it this cold, and I can’t wait to see some snow.

I’m chilling with the family for now. Mum, Dad and I are in a big house on the east coast of Vancouver Island. On a clear day you can see across the strait to mainland Canada (or the Interior). I stayed in this house as a kid. There’s a jumble of memories here, and mixed with jet lag, it’s all a bit surreal.

There’s a ravine next to the property, and you can walk down it to get to the beach. Last year, in summer, I went down and checked it out. Looking out over the water, I had an introspective moment, the kind where regular thoughts feel more significant. Then a few others followed me down. I think at by that point in the trip, all I wanted was a bit of independence.

This time it’s different. I’ve changed a lot in the last twelve days, not to mention in the last twelve months. I don’t feel like a new person, but I feel more alive. I’ve definitely taken charge of my life recently. I feel like I’ve really started to own it.


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