Little Challenges

Yesterday we had Italian at a local place. For some reason, I often challenge myself to eat an entire pizza by myself and in one go. Last night was no exception. One piece was shared, and only one piece left for lunch today. I guess I set myself ambitious goals to achieve, even it’s just eating pizza.

We visited two of my cousins who live about 2 hours south of where I’m staying. They’ve got a house on two acres, which is agricultural. Jo has graciously lent me his motorcycle (a Suzuki DR650 dual sport) and some gear. I went for a little test spin around the block. It’s got serious torque and sits taller than I’m used to, but after a few minutes I was comfortable.

I couldn’t say no. There was the option of borrowing one of their kick around cars, but the motorcycle was irresistible. I rode it up the fairly scenic Trans-Canada Highway back to Nanaimo. It’s a little bit alpine, with a dusting of snow, mountains nearby, and forest lining the roadside. The temperature was only two degrees (minus ten with windchill), but I had a heated vest, and plenty of layers. I’m really starting to enjoy the cold.


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