The Long Way Around

This morning I woke up to a clear blue sky. So I geared up and headed off on the motorbike to go for a ride on my own. Headed south down the highway, against serious glare. Rode through some sweet forest, and alongside a big lake. I stopped off at a small town A&W for a bite. They make delicious sweet potato fries!

Vancouver Island has some pretty awesome scenery, even near the built up areas. I was going to make a big loop through logging back roads, but instead turned back at the end of the sealed road. The first time I go riding off road, it’ll be with someone who has experience. I came back into Nanaimo and took the long way around, on the quiet road along the bay. I love riding alone, especially out in the elements. The forests and mountains here make a very picturesque background to ride through.

I have to pack my suitcase tonight. We’re going up to Mount Washington for Christmas. After that I’m heading down to Victoria for New Year’s. Then I’m headed straight to Seattle. That’s when the holiday ends, and the big American adventure begins.


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