I’ve Been Set Up!

I believe life is about creating opportunities to gather experience. I’ve spent the last six months creating this opportunity. I organised:

  • my U.S. citizenship and passport;
  • a one way plane ticket;
  • my social security number;
  • a place to live (with relatives);
  • a Christmas and New Year holiday in Canada; and
  • conditions which will force me to make it work.

My decision to move the United States was driven by:

  • the accessibility of citizenship;
  • the imperative need to cultivate that citizenship;
  • having relatives who could accommodate me; and
  • a romanticised view of the United States.

Things that I will keep as a part of my identity:

  • martial arts training;
  • my love affair with Japan;
  • stoicism;
  • a clean lifestyle;
  • creativity;
  • intellectual study; and
  • my commitment to the pursuit of happiness.

What I’m concerned about:

  • finding employment;
  • cultural and social alienation;
  • getting fat from all the candy;
  • getting caught up in things which don’t really suit me; and
  • being too Australian.

In less than forty-eight hours I’ll be Stateside.


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