The Adventure Begins!

Today was my last day in Canada. I woke up with a feeling of uncertainty and anticipation. I killed time with anime and manga, and cleaned up the room I was staying in. By the time three pm rolled around, I barely had any nerves. Everything I’ve been working towards over the past six months was about to become reality.

I made it to the Victoria Clipper before the crowds, and chilled out in the waiting room. After clearing customs and immigration (for the first time as a US Citizen!), there was another wait before boarding. There were TVs showing NFL, Green Bay Packers against the San Francisco 49ers. I remember when I was a kid, I was gifted a 49ers jersey. I think because most of our family lived in California, it was assumed that they would be my team. So I have some sense of loyalty to the 49ers. Then again, I remember being curiously drawn to the Packers as well. The crowd in the waiting lounge made noises every time the packers made a play.

We boarded and got underway fairly quickly. I stood outside watching the sun set and the lights of Victoria go by. At one point, I could see a bit of the mainland in the distance, with the sun disappearing behind the mountains. The journey was smooth and fast, we made good time in good weather. Pick up my checked luggage, through the immigration check and out onto the street. A quick ride in a cab and I was safe and sound at the hostel. I checked in, carried my bags upstairs. Surprise, surprise, I met two other Australians staying in the same room. So I’m now I’m finally here in Seattle, Washington, in the United States of America.


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