Yesterday was my first full day here. I caught a cab up town to the apple store, and bought myself an iPhone 5c. I met up with Danny and Kelly (my awesome cousins!) and we went for lunch at Sport bar. Had a delicious wagyu burger with fries. We went up the Seattle Space Needle and I had the chance to see the whole city sprawled out below. There was a layer of fog just outside the city and mountain ranges – including Mt Rainier – on the horizon. It made for an epic start to my time here.

Arrived here in Puyallup in the afternoon, and saw uncle Al and Auntie Jill. I got settled in, and then we went to a t mobile store to get my phone set up. Long story short: it’s working now. The person who helped me even recommended I should apply to work at the store! So in less than 24 hours, I had stumbled on to a potential job opportunity! I think that’s a pretty good sign! I’m the process of fixing up my resume and getting properly settled in.

Today I unpacked my suitcase and set up wifi in the house. I think the reality started to sink in as I was unpacking my suitcase. I bought it especially for this trip, I’d packed my life into it, and lived out of it for the entire 3 weeks in Canada. I’m here, and I’m staying here. I’m a bit nervous and very excited to get my new life started!



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