Drink More Water

I’ve made big progress in the last few days. On Thursday I started martial arts training. New habits are forming, like drinking more water. It sounds like a simple thing but the truth is, training in the martial arts is incredibly important to my personal wellbeing. It gives me a sense of purpose and confidence. I need to remember that I’m strong, and that I’m here in America to become stronger.

On Friday I purchased a car! It’s straight, but needs some attention. With the invaluable help of my uncle we changed the oil and oil filter. It’s running better now. I like figuring things out for myself – on my own – the way I did in Japan. That said, sometimes jobs are better done with company, and working on cars in an example.

In those twenty-four hours, two huge things were ticked off the list. I’ve started to establish my lifestyle and independence here. Now, the pressure is on to find a job and earn income.

I can’t write this post without mentioning the fact that the Seattle Seahawks are going to play the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl in two weeks time. People were letting off fireworks in the neighbourhood, celebrating. I guess I’ve come at a time when this part of the country is caught up in the hype.


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