‘Look at the whole board.’ – President Bartlet (The West Wing)

It’s time to tell you about my strategy. I didn’t just spontaneously decide to move to the United States. There are plenty of reasons why it’s a good choice. I have citizenship, family and work opportunities here. I have those same things in Australia. There’s patriotic reasons too: I want to develop the citizenship I have, and because some of the ideas in and behind America are attractive. The US doesn’t own those ideals, and they do exist in any number of other countries. I moved overseas for the challenge of it, I chose the US because it sounded like a good fit for who I wanted to become.

For a long time I’ve been committed to realizing my full potential. Before I moved, I came to understand that potential is infinite. Anything is possible. There are at least two problems with that idea.

  1. There’s no such thing as reaching full potential.
  2. If you can do anything, what are you going to do?

I could get stuck chasing after impossible goals, or get stuck not knowing what to do next.

So my strategy for moving overseas involved realistic goals: get a passport, a social security number, get a phone, a job, and a car. Things I could do which were within reach. Things I was confident I could achieve. I made lists and ticked off each task. They were low hanging fruit. Once I completed them, I felt a little bit lost. I got caught up in the little tasks, putting one foot in front of the other. I was following the breadcrumbs one at a time. It’s not enough. You can’t play chess one move at a time, or one piece at a time. It’s time for me to look at the whole board.

I need to get to work. The kind of hard work I expected of myself, and from America. It’ll enable the things I really want to do, and my adventure can start in earnest. I have a lot of potential, and I’ve created opportunities to show it. I just need to deliver.


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