‘A retainer is a man who remains constantly undistracted twenty-four hours a day, whether he is in the presence of his master or in public. If one is careless during his rest period, the public will see him as being only careless.’  – Yamamoto Tsunetomo (Hagakure)

I live a clean lifestyle. While I was in Australia I developed a few rules for myself:

  • I don’t drink alcohol (not even once since I was 18 or 19)
  • I don’t smoke cigarettes
  • or take drugs (excluding occasional medicine)

Now that I’m here in the USA I need to add to that list:

  • I don’t gamble
  • I don’t smoke marijuana (it’s semi-legal in the state of Washington)

I have three main reasons for not drinking alcohol:

  1. It was initially illegal for me to drink and drive
  2. I wanted to maintain a high level of self control and situational awareness
  3. I wanted to be ambitiously productive

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