While I was staying at my Aunt’s place, I could claim that I was ‘visiting family’ and that I wasn’t really a resident yet. I could use my Victorian license to drive. Once I moved out, I had to get a WA state license.

  1. Pre-apply online
  2. Pass a knowledge test
  3. Pass a driving skills test
  4. Visit a driver licensing office

I did all of that today. The written test was stupidly simple. I was done in 10 minutes and aced it. I took a drive test straight away, and passed. I rocked up at the department of licensing, expecting a long wait. My ticket was called as soon as it was printed out. I had my photo taken immediately, and I was in and out in about ten minutes. That is probably some kind of world record.

I’m now officially a resident of Washington state, and I’m enrolled to vote. I’m politically empowered as a citizen of the United States. It’s exciting because there’ll be midterm elections in November.


Waking up

‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.’ – United States Declaration of Independence

There are three big changes that I’ve accomplished in the last year:

  1. Moving overseas
  2. Moving out of home
  3. Starting full time employment

Those changes have been about Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

  • I want to get the most out of life, go on extraordinary adventures, and have amazing stories to tell.
  • No one told me where to go, or what to do: I made the decision to come to America.
  • I’ve created opportunities to chase down my personal and professional ambitions.

I’ve established three points of stability in my new life.

  1. A car
  2. A full time job
  3. An apartment

It’s not a dream anymore. So what’s next? Now that I have my independence, and some stability to support it, it’s time to focus on pursuing happiness. It’s time to start adventuring.

Last night in Puyallup

Don’t count the days. Make the days count.

So this is it, the last big move. I’m finally striking out on my own, to live on my own. I’ve been working hard over the past two months to make this happen.

I’ve made some big and drastic moves and changes in the last year. I became an American citizen. I left a good but comfortable job. I went to Japan on my own, with no real plans, just for the adventure. I left a comfortable setup at home. I packed up my possessions and shipped out of Australia forever. I didn’t just leave the nest, I left the entire country. I haven’t just left on a working holiday, I’ve left permanently. It might not be a new idea, but it’s my own adventure.

Now I’m here. Stateside. I have a car. I have a good full time job. I have an awesome apartment. It’s all happened within three months. I don’t know what your definition of success is, but those are pretty big achievements, right?


A lot of the things I’ve accomplished lately have been meticulously planned. Today I had two neat surprises:

  1. I earned my first ever white stripe in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class tonight
  2. My health insurance card arrived in the mail (medical benefits provided by my employer)


Moving forward

‘World can’t hold me, too much ambition.’ – Jay-Z  (On to the Next One)

I just finished my first week of full time work in the United States of America. I was training for the first few days. I’ve already started working fairly independently. I’m on the front line of the service desk, solving smaller IT problems for users. There’s a lot of incidents to solve, and it’s a good starting point. I’ve already adjusted well to working in a larger team, and in an enterprise environment. The people I work with are all super cool.

Another huge goal has been ticked off this weekend. I spent hours on Friday night researching apartments. Saturday I went to check some of them out. The first sprawling complex I went to was awesome. The others places I looked at, not so much. So I applied and put a deposit to rent a 1 bedroom apartment at the first place. We’ll see how it goes. I’m quietly confident about my chances. It’s exciting and stressful all at once.

This is the biggest disruption to my life to date. Nothing else even comes close to this level. I had nothing but a suitcase and an idea: that I could make a new life for myself. It’s all happening now, and things are moving very quickly. Everything I’ve done so far has been a series of calculated risks: putting the ball in the air. I’ve started making solid commitments on what has proven to be a successful experiment.