‘This is me yo, right here.’ – Wallace (The Wire).

I can hardly believe that I’ve been living in the US for three months already. I honestly wasn’t sure if I would end up grounded here. I have a full time job, an apartment, a car, and now a motorcycle. The burst of intense activity has made my time here fly by.

Before I left Australia, I wondered if I was really ready to settle down into a regular lifestyle. I know I’m not ready to settle down yet. What I’ve got so far is just a foundation for new adventures. I’ve made a home for myself, but that won’t stop me from going away. It’ll enable me to travel. Having a roof over my head, a paycheck and some wheels, has given me the space, money, and freedom to pursue my kind of happiness.

There’s one thing I have found out about myself. I get a kick out of fixing broken things: professionally and personally. It’s challenging and rewarding. I’ve finally started to come to terms with that. I’ve always been torn between IT, and something a bit more creative, like filmmaking. I think I’ll have to find a way to bring storytelling into my career.


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