Today I went on a spontaneous trip to a local driving range. There’s something challenging and fun about whacking a golf ball over a hundred yards down range. Watching it fly away into the sky at high speed. It’s a very sweet feeling when you get a good hit: almost as if the ball isn’t even there. The club just swings through it’s natural range of motion. Everything feels right. (Ignoring the 195 other balls I sent tearing along the grass or sliced off to the right). I remembered some of the technical points from when I was kid, and watching better players drive. I was much more proficient with the 7 iron than the wood. It’s something to have fun working on.

It was also a day of charity. Ken, Danny and Aaron all helped move two of Ken’s couches into my place. So I’m the proud new owner of two used but awesome and comfortable couches! My apartment is pretty much furnished now. I have drawers for my clothes, a place to sleep, couches and coffee table to sit on and eat at. I still need to get some stools for the kitchen counter, as I’m borrowing my Aunt’s right now. I don’t know if that would crowd the space too much.

I also gave Danny my iPhone. I have an iPhone from work and I did buy a cheap Nokia Lumia 521 smartphone. Which brings me to my next story.

I rode the motorbike up to Bellevue (about an hour by freeway) yesterday. Bellevue is a wealthy area. I was underdressed in my motorcycle jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket. The helmet swinging from my hand probably excused me. Not that I care at all, I just noticed how different it was from Tacoma. Most of the time a collar on a shirt means you’re dressed up or wearing it for work. It has a small town atmosphere without the small town attitude: people are friendly and talkative, but they don’t know everyone else’s business. It’s easy to dress well, because putting on a good shirt is unique enough to be noticed. In Bellevue, however, you’d be part of the crowd wearing a fashionable button down.

I went to the Microsoft store to buy the phone, and I was served by a young lady who happened to have spent several months in Australia last year. In Melbourne. She was there studying. At the University of Melbourne. Media and Communications, which is basically the same thing as an arts degree. Pretty huge coincidence. I didn’t really know what to do with it though. So after the transaction I just left. What do you talk about when it’s a place you just left behind? A university you graduated from already? A conversation in the context of a retail sale? It doesn’t really lend itself to continued conversation, and I don’t have a reason to go back.

Not so many people are commenting on my accent anymore. It’s still prominent, I’m sure, but I’m trying to speak like an American. I guess that means I’m making progress.

Tonight was a UFC fight night. I watched on the big screens at a local bar/restaurant. I think  I need to spend more time out and about. So every weekend I’m going to go out and see something around town, or do something fun and adventurous.


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