Why I like feminism

I don’t know that much about it yet, but I like the way feminism:

  1. Challenges the status quo
    We can’t be afraid to pick a fight over socially acceptable behavior just because it’s expected or the norm. Feminism isn’t afraid to call out social norms we might not have even thought about.
  2. Has imagination
    When we come across a situation or behavior we disagree with, we have to create a new way to respond. Feminism gives us language to work through those issues, and actions to change the way things are.
  3. Takes responsibility
    Feminism requires both men and women to behave better, and sometimes change the way we do things. It encourages us all to live up to a higher standard.
  4. Is all about respect
    Respect is a buzzword, but it’s powerful. Saying ‘show a bit of respect’ usually brings people’s behavior into line.
  5. Is academic and practical
    There’s a lot of theoretical and academic discourses in feminism giving us intellectual engagement with the issues being worked through. It’s also practical, as there are immediate and real world things we can do to make things better.

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