‘Der Ball is rund und das Spiel dauert 90 minuten.’ – Sepp Herberger

‘The ball is round, and the game lasts 90 minutes.’

So I’ve gone a bit crazy with world cup fever. I watched two games on Saturday, at a local bar, who have a marquee setup with big screens inside. The atmosphere was epic when England played Italy. The place was packed and everyone cheered when either team scored. I became heavily invested in the second match, Côte d’Ivoire versus Japan. I wanted Japan to win, but I was elated to see Côte d’Ivoire play such excellent football and come away with a win. I’m also (obviously) following the USA and Germany. I’ve never really been a huge fan of the Australian side. Both the US and Australia had a formidable challenge at the Group level. That said, there have been some surprising victories so far, and the feeling I get is that anything could happen.

I used to play soccer back in high school with my friends in the school’s league. We never played particularly well, but we had heaps of fun. Ever since, I’ve developed a passion for the game. Both playing and watching. I haven’t played field soccer since finishing high school. I’ve been meaning to get back into it. With all the hard work and fulfilling of dreams I’m doing at the moment, now seems like the perfect time. We’re coming into summer here as well.

It turns out that playing field soccer was exactly what I needed. I haven’t been to the gym in two weeks. Playing a couple of games on Sunday, helping teams without enough players, reminded me why I like staying fit and healthy. Today I went to the gym after work and just ran off and stretched out the soreness in my legs. Then I went to the local school’s field and kicked the ball around to brush up on my basics. I’m planning on doing more practice tomorrow night too. I know I need it, and I have a great reason to put in the effort now.

Watching and playing reminded me of what I’m about. It’s another dream fulfilled.


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