a photo of old friends

and when you left this conversation



‘We’ll have a lot of nights like this: making plans, very little sleep.’ – Francis Underwood (House of Cards)

I have a plan. In three years time I will be:

  • Making my final car payment
  • Managing a service desk
  • Making movies
  • Kicking off an epic road trip all over America, living and working wherever I feel like staying

What I need to do to get there:

  • Refinance my auto loan for a better rate, but keep paying the same amount each month
  • Get ITIL and other IT certificates
  • Get management and leadership experience
  • Start playing around with a video camera making movies
  • Get really good at story telling

‘This dreamin’ is all that I ever need ’cause it’s all that I ever had.’ – Iggy Azalea (Work)