Travel Plans

I’ve come to realize how much I live to travel. I have my long term plan to drive around the US. In the meantime I have short term plans to visit nearby places by car:

  • Idaho (for work)
  • Canada (again, to see family)
  • California (for a family reunion)

Later this year I plan on using a week of vacation to visit the North East:

  • Washington D.C.
  • Philadelphia
  • NYC
  • Boston

I’ll fly out and catch the train between each city. I’m really excited to explore a part of America that is culturally diverse from what I’ve experienced so far. There’s a mix of history and modernity on the East Coast. I’ve never seen it, and never been there, but I have images of it my head. The idea of the NE mainly comes from popular culture, and people I’ve met who live or lived there. It’s foreign and I’ll be a tourist in my own country. I want to go because I think I’ll like it there. I want to go because I can challenge my preconceptions about those places with real and personal experiences.