Imminent Departure

In four days time I will be leaving for the East Coast. I’m going to Washington DC for four days, then Philadelphia overnight, then New York for five days. I’m going to tour the White House and the Capitol building. As well as checking out the monuments, libraries and museums of DC and NY. I’ve always had a pretty significant feeling that the East Coast is a place I need to visit, if not live in, for a while. So this is a bit of a reconnaissance mission.

I’ll be a tourist, but there’s two things that draw me to the North East:

  1. History
  2. Culture (or at least what I perceive to be part of that culture)

I’ve also started watching a youtube video series called crash course in US history to delineate some of the history from mythology. What I imagine, versus what we can reliably understand occurred. Here’s a link to episode 1: Crash Course US History Episode 1

I also imagine life in the North East to be mostly like an episode of the Wire (its acclaimed portrayal of inner city life) mixed with Vampire Weekend (a preppy atmosphere and culture). Vampire Weekend – Oxford Comma

In four days time, I guess I’ll know more.


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