Finish strong

At work we put a new system in production this week. It’s been rewarding to see it go live smoothly.

I also had my first fitness oriented competition team class today at Jiu Jitsu. It was tough, a run followed by circuit training. It was rewarding though. I’ve missed being pushed like that. It’s a great team to train with. At the end of the chest-tightening and stitch-inducing run, I sprinted with one of the coaches to the finish.

My parents have been organizing our trip to Australia and New Zealand this week. I surprised them with a video call yesterday which I know made their day, and mine too.



I’m making a point to be disciplined. With food, training, money, writing my parents once a week, and getting to & leaving work on time. Being romantic. Honking at drivers who deserve it. Asking ‘how are you?’ to people in customer service when they ask how I am. The simple things that make your day a little brighter. There’s enough darkness in the world already.

The next twelve months

It’s time for me to renew my vision for my life here in the United States.


  1. Become a business architect


  1. Compete in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition (April 30)
  2. Become a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


  1. Establish a safety net (3K)
  2. Pay off all debt
  3. Pay down my car loan at 1K per month (consider refinancing at 2.5 years)


  1. Vegas (July 2016)
  2. New Zealand (December 2016)
  3. Australia (Christmas 2016)



I’m about to do something I’ve never done before. I’m about to start training for a competition in the martial arts. Late last year I started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (again, the first time was a false start). Unfortunately, I haven’t been nearly as disciplined as I’d hoped, for various reasons. Among those reasons are that Katelynn and I moved, and in the last two weeks, I have been sick with a cold. I went on Thursday night and watched the class, picked up what I could, but didn’t train on the mats. I don’t want to get anyone else sick, that would be selfish. It was also incredibly frustrating to just sit and watch. What I love most at this early stage in my training is the fact that I have to put in effort. I can’t just show up and sit on the sidelines, I can’t just train casually. I  have to push myself and train hard every time.

Before the cold ran me down, I was going three times a week consistently. It felt good. I felt confident and saw how much faster I was improving (even if in the smallest way). Now I’m feeling better and I can’t wait to hit the mats again and get back into the groove. With one crucial difference: I’ve signed up to compete with the team at the end of the month.

That decision brought all kinds of nervous concerns: will I be ready? Will I be able to compete well? With the Professor’s blessing I signed up for the event. I steeled myself to work hard and put in maximum effort to be ready to represent myself and the team. Then right before competition team classes started, the cold struck. This week demands my best effort.

‘Anything less than the best is a felony’ – Vanilla Ice